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You are here: 23 September 2013 - Yuriy Bokachev appointed Managing Director of NLMK DanSteel A/S

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- 23 September 2013 - Yuriy Bokachev appointed Managing Director of NLMK DanSteel A/S
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- 26 September 2008 - New thickness gauge



    Havnevej 33, DK 3300 Frederiksvaerk - Phone: +45 4777 0333 - Fax: +45 4777 0302 - Mail: info@dansteel.dk

Yuriy Bokachev appointed Managing Director of NLMK DanSteel A/S

Yuriy Bokachev has been appointed Managing Director of NLMK DanSteel A/S, a Danish plate producer and part of NLMK Europe Plate Products. In this capacity, Yuriy Bokachev will be responsible for NLMK DanSteel’s operating activities, operational health and safety, and environmental issues.

This position was previously held by Yury Tarasov, who has been appointed Commercial Director of NLMK Europe Plate Products, and will be responsible for managing the sales of the Division’s entire product range, excluding Q&T brands produced at NLMK Clabecq (new products, abrasion resistant [Quard] and high strength [Quend] steels).

The new appointments are part of NLMK Group’s strategy to improve operational efficiency, and to separate the sales of branded Q&T and other products, thereby consolidating NLMK Europe’s positions in niche high-margin markets.

Yuriy Bokachev has been with NLMK Group since 1994. From 2008, he was NLMK DanSteel Deputy Managing Director, responsible for overall control, implementing efficiency enhancement measures, contractual relations, and designing plant development programmes. Among other things, he headed the new Mill 4200 construction project. Yuriy Bokachev graduated with honours from Lipetsk State University, specializing in Pressure Metal Treatment (Physics and Technology Department). He then underwent professional training in Strategic Management under the Federal Executive Management Training Programme (State University of Management, Moscow).

For reference:

About NLMK DanSteel A/S
NLMK DanSteel A/S is a thick plate production facility within NLMK Europe Plate Products Division, owned by NLMK Group, Russia, one of the world’s largest steel producers. With a total capacity of 0.7 million tonnes, NLMK DanSteel A/S produces a wide range of high quality thick plates for wind turbines, drilling platforms, ships, ‘yellow goods’ manufacturers and infrastructures, primarily for the Northern European market. The facility has a workforce of approximately 370 employees.

The majority of slabs supplied to DanSteel originates from NLMK. This allows the Group to achieve synergies based on low cost production in Russia and stable access to the Europe plates market where key consumers include those in the renewable energy wind mill engineering, shipbuilding and construction sectors.

In December 2012, NLMK DanSteel completed the revamp of its facilities and started production at its new 4.2 m heavy plate stand, adding new products to the company’s portfolio. The EUR 100-million project is part of the company’s strategy to leverage its strong position in the plate markets.

About NLMK Europe Plate Products
NLMK Europe Plate Products has an annual production capacity of 1.9 million tonnes at three production sites, NLMK Clabecq, NLMK Verona, and NLMK DanSteel A/S. The feedstock for plate manufacturing is supplied from NLMK’s main production site in Lipetsk, Russia. The synergy between the three facilities allows NLMK Group to offer its clients a full range of products, from very thin/narrow to very thick/wide plates, as well as specialized types and brands. NLMK Europe Plate Products Division controls about 13% of the European market.

About NLMK Group
NLMK is a vertically integrated steelmaking company with production facilities in Russia, Europe and the USA. The Company’s crude steel capacity is over 17 million tonnes per year. The Company generated US$ 12.2 billion in revenue and US$ 1.9 billion in EBITDA in 2012. NLMK’s ordinary shares are traded on the Moscow Stock Exchange (MICEX-RTS) and its global depositary shares on the London Stock Exchange.

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+7 (916) 824 6743

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