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You are here: 14 November 2013 - NLMK DanSteel, Technical Universities of Denmark and Lipetsk, and the Halsnaes Municipality join efforts to achieve process excellence in production of thick plates for offshore constructions

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    Havnevej 33, DK 3300 Frederiksvaerk - Phone: +45 4777 0333 - Fax: +45 4777 0302 - Mail: info@dansteel.dk

PRESS RELEASE                                                                          14 November 2013

NLMK DanSteel, Technical Universities of Denmark and Lipetsk, and the Halsnaes Municipality join efforts to achieve process excellence in production of thick plates for offshore constructions

12 November 2013, Frederiksvaerk (Denmark)

NLMK DanSteel A/S, the Technical University of Denmark, the Lipetsk State Technical University and the Halsnaes Municipality (Frederiksvaerk, Denmark) signed a Declaration on Cooperation, aimed at boosting the efficiency of thick plate production at NLMK DanSteel for the manufacture of offshore windmills and constructions.

The parties are joining efforts to identify & implement innovative process solutions that will reduce the environmental footprint of the plates used in off-shore windmill park constructions, as well as bring down the cost of construction and expand their lifetime and reliability in general.

Currently, 28% of electric power in Denmark is generated by windmills. The Danish Government is planning to bring the share of renewable generation in the country’s energy balance to 50% by 2020; and to 100% by 2050.

This Declaration sets forth an efficient cooperation mechanism between Denmark’s leading steel product manufacturer, NLMK DanSteel, and leading research and development centers, aimed at tackling the ambitious challenge of providing the country with high-strength thick plates for use in the manufacture of offshore windmills and constructions.

Igor Sarkits, CEO of NLMK Europe Plate:
“Thanks to investments in state-of the-art technology, unprecedented in today’s European business environment, NLMK DanSteel is already in a position to offer unique quality thick plate products to its clients and to support them with excellent service. We see great potential in the field of building offshore windmills and constructions; and view our presence in this high-growth market not only as economically beneficial for the plant and Denmark as a whole, but as our contribution to the future of North Europe’s green power industry. The Declaration we signed today with the technical universities and the Halsnaes Municipality is an important step towards achieving this.”

Niels Axel Nielsen, Senior Vice President of the Technical University of Denmark:
“The development of offshore wind goes toward deeper water and thus larger and heavier foundations. This gives steel greater and greater impact on the cost of building offshore wind turbines and thus the price of wind power. Together with the University of Lipetsk and NLMK Dansteel, the Technical University of Denmark can contribute to improving the quality and properties of steel for applications under even harsher conditions offshore.”

Professor Anatoly Pogodaev (PhD, Tech), Rector of the Lipetsk State Technical University:
“Our university and NLMK have been working together for many years on the development and implementation of innovative steelmaking technologies that enable the company to raise production efficiency and sustainability, and to strengthen its leading position on the market. We’re committed to contributing our expertise to the partnership on innovative steel technologies and to cooperating with our Danish counterpart on scientific research, exchange of students and scientists and on education programs.”

Helge Friis, Mayor of the Halsnæs municipality:
“Our dialogue with NLMK DanSteel shows that together we can achieve much more to our mutual benefit. My ambition is to ensure development and secure jobs in Halsnæs. Therefore, I am very pleased by the new perspectives of DanSteel entering the offshore market thanks to the company’s significant investments in new technologies. It's good news for the plant and for Halsnæs.”

In December 2012, NLMK DanSteel completed the revamp of its rolling mill and started production at its new 4.2 m heavy plate stand, adding new products to the company’s portfolio. The EUR 120-million worth project is part of the company’s strategy to leverage its strong position in the plate markets.


About NLMK DanSteel A/S

NLMK DanSteel A/S is a thick plate production facility within NLMK Europe Plate Products Division, owned by NLMK Group, Russia, one of the world’s largest steel producers. With a total capacity of 0.7 million tonnes, NLMK DanSteel A/S produces a wide range of high quality thick plates for wind turbines, drilling platforms, ships, ‘yellow goods’ manufacturers and infrastructures, primarily for the Northern European market. The facility has a workforce of approximately 370 employees.

Slabs for DanSteel’s thick plate production originate from NLMK Group’s main site in Lipetsk, ensuring a stable supply of ultra-high quality steel. This unique business model allows DanSteel to expand its presence in the large European thick plate market, offering its clients a wide product mix and just-in-time delivery.

About Technical University of Denmark

The Technical University of Denmark, founded in 1829, is ranked as one of the foremost technical universities in Europe. It continues to set new records in the number of publications, and persistently increase and develop our partnerships with industry. In 2011, DTU welcomed 336 international students into MSc programs, half of the PhD students are recruited from abroad, and more than one third of the scientific staff are highly qualified researchers of international backgrounds.

About Lipetsk State Technical University

Lipetsk State Technical University (LSTU) is a multi-disciplinary university. Its graduates are employed in steelmaking, machine-building, chemical, and other industries, as well as in research and development and academia. 523 qualified specialists, including 59 professors with PHDs, 281 associate professors with PHDs, 32 active and associate members of Russian and international science academies, ensure the highest level of learning processes at LSTU. The University has 44 departments, both general scientific and specialized. LSTU cooperates with NLMK to train specialists in areas that are in demand at the plant.

About Halsnaes Municipality

The Halsnaes municipality is situated in the northern part of Zealand. It covers an area of 120 square kilometers, and has a total population of 31,000 inhabitants, and an annual budget/turnover of about EUR 267 million. Municipality of Halsnæs is situated a 45-minute drive from Copenhagen. It is a typical settler and commuter municipality.

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